Kitchen Cabinet Terminology Ftg

York Driftwood Grey Kitchen Cabinets Carolina Hickory Kitchen Cabinets Grey Shaker Elite Kitchen Cabinets York Linen Kitchen Cabinets. GLAZE OPTION AVAILABLE . Bristol Antique White Kitchen Cabinets White Shaker Elite Kitchen Cabinets Bristol Chocolate Kitchen Cabinets York Chocolate Kitchen Cabinets Summit Shaker White Kitchen Cabinets Shaker Espresso Kitchen Cabinets Charleston .Shopping for cabinets but having trouble understanding the language? We put together this cabinet glossary defining the most popular cabinetry terms you’ll come across while shopping for kitchen or bathroom cabinets..Add On This is a dimension that represents the difference between the cabinet opening size and the door finish size. Typically this is somewhere between ” up to ” added to both the width and height of the cabinet opening, resulting in the door finish size..Need some help with cabinet terminology? Our cabinet glossary page can help with the definitions of some often used terms..

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